Poliren No.1

paste for softening and removal of tartar without damaging the enamel
Release form
50 ml
50 ml
REF 1.014-01-050
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Poliren No.1

Paste for softening and removal of dental calculus without damaging the enamel

The product сontains an acid component (citric acid), which ensures fast and effective softening of hard dental plaque, and an abrasive filler for cleaning teeth without damaging the enamel

Useful tips suggested by dentists:

- The paste effectively removes pigmentary contaminants on the enamel surface, which cannot be removed by professional teeth cleaning methods (air-abrasive method, circular brushes with traditional abrasive pastes), including green plaque

- After the braces are removed, the paste may be applied to smooth out areas with excessive enamel microtexture on the vestibular tooth surfaces and make the enamel smoother and shinier

- ReLight tempo (flowable paste) can be used to protect the gingival margin from exposure to citric acid.

- The recommended rotation speed of a circular nylon brush or rubber polishing head is 2000-5000 rpm

- Remineralization is recommended after the enamel treatment with the paste (e.g. Ftor-lux fluoride varnish)


  • Softening and removal of dental calculus without damaging of enamel


  • Fast softening and removal of dental calculus without damaging the enamel
  • Green colour allows to control the application
  • Easy to wash away with a stream of water and air
  • Pleasant refreshing flavour


  • Tube (50 ml)
  • Instruction for use


  • Detartrine — Septodont, France
Educational materials
Registration certificate
ISO 13485
Educational materials

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