kit for deep-penetration fluoridation of enamel and dentine
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10 ml + 10 ml
10 ml + 10 ml
REF 1.013-02-010.010
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Kit for deep-penetration fluoridation of enamel and dentine

Sequential application of liquids with high wettability causes the formation of calcium, magnesium and copper microcrystals in the treated dentinal tubules and enamel microdefects. This provides deep long-term fluoridation of hard tissues and a long-term bactericidal effect.

Treatment of deep cavity dentin before restoration without reducing the adhesion of restorative materials and sealants.


  • Prevention of caries of primary and secondary teeth
  • Prevention of enamel carious lesions in the area of non-removable orthodontic structures (braces)
  • Remineralizing therapy of dental caries at the stage of chalky white spots
  • Treatment of hyperesthesia of dental hard tissues caused by various effects including professional teeth cleaning
  • Treatment of hard dental tissues in the periodontal therapy
  • Treatment of deep carious lesions before composite restoration of teeth


  • The product components react and form calcium fluoride, magnesium and copper microcrystals directly in the defect, which makes the treatment highly effective and reliable
  • A prolonged effect may be achieved in just one visit due to the high concentration of calcium fluoride microcrystals
  • A high concentration of calcium fluoride microcrystals provides a good filling density. Besides, the microcrystals are not brushed off with a toothbrush
  • Unlike in analogues, in which two different materials are used for deep fluoridation of enamel and dentin, the optimal ratio of components in the liquid and suspension allows deep fluoridation of both enamel and dentin


  • Liquid (10 ml)
  • Suspension (10 ml)
  • Instruction for use


  • TiefenFluoride® — Humanchemie Gmbh, Germany
    • Dentin-Versiegelungsliquid — Humanchemie Gmbh, Germany
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Ftor-lux kit
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ISO 13485
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