powder for professional teeth cleaning, plaque and soft dental deposit removing, fissure cleaning before hermetization
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250 g (cherry)
250 g (cherry)
REF 1.011-04-250.1
250 g (multifruit)
REF 1.011-04-250.2
250 g (mint)
REF 1.011-04-250.3
250 g (neutral)
REF 1.011-04-250.4
250 g (citrus)
REF 1.011-04-250.5
250 g (currant)
REF 1.011-04-250.6
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Powder for professional teeth cleaning, removal of plaque and soft dental deposits, and cleaning of fissures before sealing

The powder is applied according to the method of sandblasting with an air-water jet (Air-Flow) to remove plaque and soft deposits from the supragingival surface of teeth with bare roots.

The abrasive component is a mixture of calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate with sodium bicarbonate with a particle size of (50-70) microns, which allows gentle enamel cleaning. The powder is available in various flavours (mint, cherry, currant, citrus, multifruit) and neutral (no flavour).

The powder is sugar free.


  • Removal of plaque and soft deposits from the supragingival surface of the teeth, and from the exposed roots
  • Fissure cleaning before sealing
  • Removal of pigmentation, and plaque caused by smoking
  • Gentle mechanical enamel whitening that does not lead to hyperesthesia


  • Effective and gentle removal of plaque, soft dental deposits and pigmentation, teeth whitening
  • Proper cleaning of fissures before sealing
  • Does not result in hyperesthesia
  • The powder consists of spherical particles that “sweep off” the defect, and split-shaped abrasive particles that clean the surface of hard tissues


  • Powder (250 g)
  • Instruction for use

Flavour options:

Cherry, multifruit, mint, neutral, citrus, currant


  • AIR-FLOW — EMS, Switzerland
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Registration certificate
ISO 13485
Educational materials

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